The last couple of days have been so hectic but with a lot of fun and celebration. My weekend started out with an amazing blogger brunch last Friday. We ate at a very cozy cafe called Cousins where all the food is organic and vegetarian. I really recommend this place if you are ever in the area.
It was so cool to meet many of the other Nouw bloggers and to put a personality on the faces and images I have stalked on the different blogs the last couple of months. haha.

After the brunch I had to get ready for my birthday celebration later the same day. My friends and I met up in the city to get a drink before a delicious dinner and then after we were finish eating we went out to a bar... It's all kind of blurry from there........ I didn't make any good continent for the blog other than some weird videos I can't remember filming but they are really not worth sharing.

Saturday my whole family dropped by to celebrate and Sunday I slept.

What a great weekend!

All these amazing pictures are taken by @bymartina :)


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