Okay guys..... I hate the situation I'm in at the moment. I feel so freaking disconnected. My phone gave up 3 weeks ago or something but it kind of had it coming so I have been putting money to the side for a new one. I ordered a new phone and was promised that it would be ready on the 26 of September but I still haven't got it. I have called the store a thousand times but I get the same answer every time "that they know nothing because Apple is very secretive about delivery". I found this so weird because its so bad customer service and its not like I'm asking questions about the iPhone 8 or whatever I just want to know when I get my phone............ That's why I haven't posted on Instagram. So frustrating!
Even more bad karma hit me two weeks ago when I dropped my camera and had to send it to repair. Lucky they can fix it and will get it back Wednesday.

So that's what happening in my life lately. I will make some throwback, music and inspiration blog posts until I get my gear back.

Have a great weekend! :)


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