​Heeeey guys! I haven't been blogging in way too long and I hate that my blog is turning into one of those "I'm back" blogs. So let me update you on my life :)
I got accepted to a university in Copenhagen, which I still think is crazy. I was so surprised when I received the acceptance letter. I was extremely happy in the moment but now the nervous have taken a bit over. I'm as a person a very big over thinker and I over analyze everything. Which also makes my mind jump to the worst conclusion. Pretty annoying but it gets better when I start.
In other news I'm going on vacation this Tuesday with my best friend! We are going to Athens and Mykonos. I can't wait! The weather really sucks in Denmark and I just wanna relax in the sun. So I'll make a lot of blog post when I have arrived! I promise.

I'll go to bed now. Goodnight! :)


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