Hey guys! Todays blog post is a bit random haha. I have actually been living kind of healthy the last couple of months. This morning I decided to take some pictures of my juice so I could share the recipe with you. I like to make whole bottle because I'm not really a morning person which means I'll never be one of those people who have time or energy to make a glass of juice in the morning.
But anyway here are the ingredients:

- 1/2 kg Carrots
- 5 Apples
- 1 Lime
- 4cm Ginger (depending on how "strong" you want it)
- A little handful of spearmint
- 1 Teaspoon of cinnamon (This makes it very sweet and I kind of regret adding it haha)

Also a little disclaimer I know nothing about vitamins and fruit sugar and blabla. You can probably find something much healthier on the internet I just really like this combination. And if you for example don't like apples just put something else in your juice. ;)

Have a great day!


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